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05/05/2015 – Working on the next feature film at Illumination Mac Guff!!

I I’m please to announce after my mission ended on  « The secret life of pets » , I’m actually on a new adventure at Illumination Mac Guff working on  «Sing » at Illumination Mac Guff directed by Garth Jennings and Zébé.  ...

14/03/2015 – Working on a new feature film at Illumination Mac Guff!!

I lastly end my contract on the Minions Movie directed by Pyer Coffin and Kyle Balda and began to work on the new feature film « The secret life of pets » at Illumination Mac Guff directed by Chris Renaud and...

20/04/2014 – Mission on Asterix accomplished. It’s time to make those fruits move!

My mission on the feature film « Asterix : The land of the gods » directed by Louis Clichy and Co-directed by Alexandre Astier is done. It was an amazing adventure I really enjoyed. It’s time to move...

30/06/2014 – Dip N’ Dance Online !!!
Dip N’ Dance Online !!!

After a big year travelling around the world in international festivals, my short film Dip N’ Dance is finally released online. A big thank to all the people who helped me on this short...

11/12/2011 – So many things done lastly.
11 second club – November 2011

So many things done lastly. My lastest entry for the animation contest on the 11 Second Club for November 2011 : The clip « Santa Claus is coming to town » by Justin Bieber done at...

17/03/2011 – Akama « Joker & Delapost « Wedel »

Here are two commercials I worked on lastely. One is for the fruit juice Joker done at Akama and the other is for Wedel done at Delapost Paris. Click on the links below to...

07/11/2010 – Emergen-C SupamonkS

Here is the commercial I worked on at SupamonkS for Passion Pictures. I hope you’ll like it.

17/10/2010 – Raving Rabbids World Cup

Here is a commercial I worked on at SupamonkS Studio! I’m responsible for all animations.

20/04/2010 – Canalsat’ Planktoon

Since I moved in Paris in January, I worked on the short film « Mice, cat and men » directed by Camille Bovier Lapierre at Digitaline, at Machine Molle on a teaser for the feature film...

15/06/2009 – Teamto

I’m still a part of Teamto Valence. « Angelo », « The new adventures of Babar » then « Oasis » are going to rise up. I’m supposed to mainly work on « The new adventures of Babar » and « Oasis ». Click...